Merchant PCI Solutions

Compliance with PCI DSS can be an insurmountable barrier for many merchants who accept card payments. After years of trying to have these merchants achieve compliance, the credit card industry has shifted the burden of ensuring merchant compliance to the payment processors, ISO’s and acquirers.

This burden goes far beyond the expertise of most processors, ISOs and acquirers. The CISO Group’s SAQPro™ cloud-based, SaaS solution converts the burden of managing PCI compliance into a profit center for payment card industry providers.

Years of GUI design, security and hosted solution expertise has allowed The CISO Group to develop the SAQPro™ solution that is simple and easy enough to help even the most PCI unsophisticated merchants achieve compliance. SAQPro™ then manages the whole PCI compliance process for the processor, ISO or acquirer, including filing of self-assessment questionnaires, automated reminders, ASV scanning, etc.

PCI Gap Analysis

Our strategic security services allow our customers to leverage The CISO Group’s extensive knowledge and expertise to craft a complete security, compliance and risk strategy. This strategy encompasses designing, implementing and maintaining policies, processes and technology to achieve the specific strategic goals of our customers.

We work closely with key team members to assess what is necessary to accomplish the agreed upon tasks in as efficient and effective a matter as possible. An important consideration at every step is knowledge transfer to our customers. Ultimately our goal is to hand the day to day operations of your security and compliance program back to your organization.

Our strategic security services give you clarity and predictability into your security, compliance and risk strategy.

Security Consulting

The role of Chief Information Security Officer within an organization is often overlooked or remains vacant. This is primarily due to lack of understanding of security needs and vulnerabilities, as well as the requirement is for an interim period of time or project.

The CISO Group offers creative resources and solutions for today's evolving business environments. The CISO Group interacts with client executives for planning and establishment of security performance metrics that translate into a customized security plan.

The CISO Group offers the Project/Time Based Engagements, Virtual Management/Planning/Support Engagements or ROSI (Return on Security Investment) Engagement Methodology, which is Performance Based and actually may reduce the organizations cost for interim management and technical support.

The CISO Group offers the complete spectrum of security planning, technical expertise and management, inclusive of the Chief Information Security Officer.

The CISO Group can be the organizations complete virtual and/or day to day security organization, dependent upon your organizations size and security requirements.

The CISO Group has a unique and precise approach to the information security process:

Discover and Profile
Organize and Prioritize
Risk Assessment and Threat Identification
Security Policy and ROSI Model with Metrics
Remediate and Mitigate
Verification and Validation